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Vandana is an Associate Certified Coach with International Coach Federation and a graduate from Erickson Coaching International & Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching. She is also certified Group Coach from Coaching & Leadership International. She is NLP Master Practitioner from Co-Founder of NLP – Dr. Richard Bandler.

In today’s fast pace life, people either want more of something like power, love, money, career etc.. & less of something like frustration, anger, conflicts, challenges… However, everyone lives a life with some sort of fears, problems or anxieties at some point of their lives due to negative experiences & behaviours that leads self and or others in pain, anger, depression and even illness.

Vandana is a world away from those self-destructive patterns of behaviour. She is a vegetarian, a fitness fan and lives life to the fullest. She plays Badminton five times a week, practises yoga and uses self-hypnosis and meditation to achieve her goals.

It is her passion to help people live to their true potential and achieve all that they desire for. She supports her clients in their journey towards being highly effective, productive and successful.

She wanted to use hypnosis to help and heal rather than entertain. And so, she began producing her first hypnosis tape in the late 2000s, primarily to support her ever-growing number of clients. Her passion & zeal to provide solutions & positive transformation to her clients & all those who are looking for help to better their personal & professional life, provoked her to tap into her own creative mind for hypnotherapy combined with an extensive coaching skills & recording knowledge, enabled her to produce unique, high quality hypnosis recordings.

A Positive Frame of Mind

Vandana is thrilled that her work makes such a difference to people’s lives. “I still get a real kick that so many people from all over the world enjoy my recordings and get help from them,” she explains. “I feel so content & satisfied to see the results achieved by people using my MP3 audio. It just shows the power of a positive frame of mind.”

Her enthusiasm for creating quality recordings was met with success from the start. “When I released my first tapes in 2013, I had no master plan other than a genuine desire to make the most effective tapes possible. Much to my delight and amazement the tapes sold well from the first day, when I sold them on my other website TheChrysallis” Those who did not want to opt for coaching services or attend training programs but had specific stressors or challenges to overcome, or they had some goals to be achieved, purchased these audios suitable to their requirement and began to achieve desired results.

This Website is a part of The Chrysallis company. The aim of the company is to publish and distribute self-help products of the highest quality that genuinely help people achieve great personal growth and overcome fears, problems or anxieties.

Vandana’s aim is to continue to develop and improve her recordings, and create products that have genuine healing qualities.