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Balance Your Hormonal Imbalance


Hormone Imbalance occurs when there is too much or too little of a particular hormone in the body and can cause a wide range of undesirable symptoms including weight gain, hair loss, decreased sex drive, pre-menstrual symptoms, headaches, dizziness and many other distressing conditions.
According to Wikipedia There are approximately 6,000 endocrine disorders that result because of hormone imbalance.
It is always advisable to follow a natural, holistic approach to deal with Hormone Imbalance issues in order to avoid the potential side-effects.
As we understand, hormones are secreted from our glands and it is generally accepted that the Pineal, Pituitary, Thyroid, Thymus, Adrenals and Gonads are the most important and that these are regulated by the hypothalamus which is located just above the brain stem.
This Balance Your Hormonal Imbalance Hypnosis MP3 download can effect changes in the brain pattern & help you to restore balance and harmony to your hormones in a naturally effective way.
So, Regulate your hormones NOW – helping your body to produce the perfect balance of estrogen and progesterone and promote health and well being to your body and mind again

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Please Note: This session is intended for relaxation purposes only. It is not a medical or therapeutic device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition or disease.

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